I was born in Berlin, where I passed the first twenty years of my life.

I have always had a leaning towards foreign languages and cultures, but it was France that particularly attracted me from my childhood on. More than anything I wanted French to be my first foreign language, even though that meant changing school.

Through linguistic visits and group workcamps I learnt about life in France and England and met many people from other countries. At seventeen I decided to spend six months as a boarder in a school in France to perfect my skills in French.

On leaving school after my final exams I lived between France, England and Switzerland and of course Germany.  These years gave me a wide variety of practical work experience in hotels, administration and agriculture. Throughout the period I was often called upon to do some translating or interpreting, and this drove me to perfect my linguistic skills with a course in translation at the renowned private academy AKAD.

Since 2004 I have been living with my German husband in France, where I have set myself up as a translator

At the same time I maintain a bond with German culture and language.

During my free time I love going for long walks in the mountains. I also have a passion for cooking, using all the marvellous food that Nature gives us. We are particularly spoilt in that respect here in Southern France. In addition I enjoy music, dancing, reading and spending time with friends. Healthy eating, organic farming and natural and alternative medicine are all of interest to me, and I try to reserve some of my time for meditation and quiet.

Should you be looking for a translator that still takes time over her translation work and provides a personal service, then you have found that person in me.


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