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Are you looking for a quality-conscious translator to translate your French oder English documents into German for an attractive price?
I offer professional translations that will satisfy the most exacting demands.

As a native German speaker, I have an excellent command of the German language and knowledge of the culture. Numerous long term stays in France/England, together with my training  as a translator at the renowned private academy AKAD have helped me to develop over time mastery of the the French and English language, as well as skills in translation techniques.

Over and above this I am proficient with the computer and have at my disposal a large number of technical dictionaries and software programs.

In order to ensure high quality as well as consistency in terminology and style, I use the CAT programs Wordfast (Classic and Pro) and Trados.


What is CAT software?
CAT is the abbreviation for  “Computer Assisted Translation”, which is not to be confused with machine translation software. CAT software assists the translator by cutting the document to be translated into smaller segments (generally sentences) and stores items already translated. When there is a repetition, the previously stored translations are displayed, so that same or similar segments can be translated as a unit. In the case of client-specific terminology, the use of CAT software ensures that the same term is re-used throughout. CAT software offers a range of other benefits, but it does not replace the translator!

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